WHAT TO BRING     The year-round residents appreciate proper attire (i.e. cover-ups over bikinis) when walking or visiting in the settlement. Shorts and shirts are acceptable everywhere at all times. For cocktail time or at dinner with some friends, women may enjoy "dressing up" in something fun and long. Jeans, long sleeves and good deck shoes are useful for hiking in the bush and foul weather jackets have been known to be needed in the rain. A hat and plenty of your favorite sun block are necessities. For long explorations on the beach, take deck shoes, not flops, for navigating the coral patches.

CLEANING     Normal day-to-day cleanliness is the responsibility of our guests. Upon your departure, our Property Manager will clean and tidy in anticipation of the next guest's arrival. Extraordinary conditions will be charged for against the security deposit. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated.

TELEPHONE     Our telephone number is 1-242-365-5115 so your friends may contact you. Local calls may be made and we will bill you for long distance. You may also purchase calling cards at Guana Harbour Grocery.

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